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  1. I definitely prefer dark chocolate too, I'll eat milk chocolate but I can't stand white chocolate! I don't even consider it to be chocolate! Working in an ice cream shop sounds like fun, I almost applied at Coldstone, but the fact that I can't sing to save my life stopped me. Haha

  2. "Suck it, Trebek!"–YES!
    Also, one of my main fears is of centipedes. I can handle every other insect or spider or bug or whatever. But shove a centipede near me and I will punch you in the face. It didn't help matters that I lived in the basement of a dormitory throughout my college career. CENTIPEDES EVERYWHERE. I went to bed fearing for my life sometimes while others were merely worried about schoolwork. Okay, it wasn't that bad.
    One random fact about me: I have more "old people" friends than peeps my own age. Yeah, I'm cool like that. Get at me.

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