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  1. Ooh I have been wanting to read Leah Remini's book. The previous owners of my house were scientologists and we get scientology flyers addressed to them all the time. I find it equally creepy and fascinating at the same time. Hope your semester went well!

  2. I miss In and Out Burger. It's the best place for just about everything. Oh you are funny when you said you need to step up your healthy game. I just laugh out laughing.

    • I live a mile from In N Out burger and oh my goodness is the struggle real! I am obsessed with it. I love getting a burger & fries well done no salt with a large iced tea

  3. Couple things: 1) I'm glad you had fun on your trip! 2) I LOVE KING OF QUEENS AND LEAH REMINI. and 3) All of the shoes and clothes you featured are fab. I wish I could pull off rompers.

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