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  1. what a fun post! i love the hp drinks and the airbnb list:-) (and i also want to have a harry potter party!) buying a new camera is always so exciting, good luck with that! i've got the canon 60d which i do really like and although i don't know about the model you're looking at i'd tell you to go with canon, haha! i got cory doctorow on the writing thing but i'm going to keep trying with different text samples until i get someone i like/know (ha)! xx

  2. My sister is having a harry potter trivia planned party for her 26th birthday in a few weeks- I can't wait!!

  3. I loved living near D.C., it is such a fun place to be. I am loving planting vegetables for the spring. There is something so invigorating about watching new life transform with the seasons.

  4. Such an awesome collection of random finds! My boyfriend is going to love that writing analyzer. Although I probably shouldn't tell him DFW is one of the possible outcomes, cause he'll be super bummed if he doesn't get it :-p

  5. Lol! I tried your writing style thing and I got Cory Doctorow – I don't even know who he is! Fun. (And BTW I'm jealous of your HP party. I might steal your idea!)

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