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  1. Congrats on your new ride! I had to google the blanket, I wonder if I can find one at Dillard’s or something to feel. It looks cozy. Also a tiny trash can is a genius idea, I need one for my bedside table. AKA my snacking station lol

    • “Barefoot dreams” blankets are very similar I think, those may be easier to find in store to feel. I hope you accomplish the mini bedside trashcan dream!! As soon as I got mine, I’ve never looked back! One of the best decisions ever.

  2. This is a great list! You spent your money well. Plane tickets always a favourite of mine too. I love travelling!

  3. What great purchases in 2019, really loving the AIRE experience especially because Chicago is my hometown. Sounds amazing and something I will look into this year. Travel was my biggest expense and best experience of 2019. Discovering Bulgaria and Spain were highlights. Wishing you fun purchases in 2020 and a wonderful year.

    • You absolutely should go to AIRE in Chicago!! I’d recommend going on a weekday as they have an upcharge on the weekends. SO worth it!!

  4. You sure spent your money wisely. The Subaru is a good investment! We are also looking at purchasing a new van or a large SUV so that getting in and out the vehicle would be easier. I am also contemplating on getting a nice, dainty necklace with a single diamond pendant. Jewelry is also a good investment because it never depreciates!

  5. It looks like it was a great year for you! We too got a new car (new to us) but unfortunately was not able to make any trips. But 2020 will be a long distance move and trips. Looking forward to that!

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