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  1. Those pixtures are really beautiful. I would love to visit this national park someday!


  2. What a lovely view! I haven’t been there before but I would like to go just for the view! Not sure about the hiking though LOL Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those views are really quite wonderful. I especially love that you highlighted the running water is heard from afar. That is one of my favorite things.

  4. What a lovely couple and view! The river water does look fast moving, I’m not the best hiker or swimmer so I always applaud when others get out there in nature with their gear.

  5. WOW, adding this to my bucket list. It’s absolutely stunning views! It looks so peaceful and like crisp, fresh air.

  6. Those are breathtaking views. Time spent here is certainly worth it. It’s nice that you can also grab some drinks along the way.

    • Wow! That was an amazing journey you had there. My gosh, it seems like i was looking at postcards. It made me miss traveling so bad. The pandemic apparently cancelled all my plans but i’m still hoping everything will go back to normal. I miss nature trip like this ❤️