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  1. I’m making now but I’m using the sauté function first and sautéing onion and garlic and then adding red pepper flakes at the end as well as some basil. I don’t have bullion so I’m using my “chicken base”. When I make a whole chicken on the instant pot I put homemade chx stock and onions in the bottom. When the chicken is done I strain the liquid that’s left. It takes the chicken stock and adds a rich flavor. I freeze it and use it to add flavor to chicken & rice soup. I’ve never eaten meat but found I could tolerate chicken flavor so when I became ill with CFS I started putting chicken stock in anything I could. I am very picky about the flavor but have found that this “chicken base” when added to recipes is really good. It’s similar to the flavor you get in instant chx noodle soups. When I was a kid I’d pick the dehydrated chx out and eat and soup. (Living in the Deep South as a vegetarian meant I was almost always hungry outside the house.) This is how I developed an appreciation for chicken flavoring. I still can’t eat the flesh of a chicken but I like the flavor it can add to recipes. Plus it helping me heal. My daughter loves chicken soup and even her dad who considers himself a meat connoisseur thinks my chicken & rice soup is the best he’s ever had, and my trick is the chicken base. I like the idea of a three ingredient recipe but also think adding in a few other ingredients is worth the 10 extra mins it takes to prepare them. I think it’ll turn out really yummy. I hope so bc I’m using up all my zucchini.

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