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  1. I do my best to go cruelty free when possible. NYX is pretty much my fave brand because they are so affordable, cruelty free, and great quality (SO many MAC dupes!). If you have a trader joes near you, all of their shampoo/bath products are cruelty free and often vegan. 🙂

  2. That's awesome! And very inspiring. I use a few cruelty free bands but I am not sure about the rest of them, I will definitely be checking! I am a vegetarian and I recently started buying cage free eggs and milk. Actually the milk is from a local dairy that I visited! it's more expensive but I don't mind when I know it's coming from cruelty free animals. Maybe one day I'll be vegan but I'm not quite there yet.

  3. Congrats on going cruelty-free! I've been working on going cruelty-free for a while now. I've used up or gotten rid of a lot that wasn't. One thing that you might want to clarify for people is your stance on companies who are cruelty-free but are owned by a parent company who is not. For example, NYX and Urban Decay were bought by L'Oreal (not CF). You might start getting a bunch of questions if you are using brands like these. Logical Harmony is another great source for cruelty-free brands. Also, don't overwhelm yourself and drive yourself crazy. If you haven't already, you'll run across a lot of conflicting information. Go with your gut and do your best.

    • No, I'm not vegan, but I do try my best to find sources of meat and dairy that come from reputable sources, like cage free chicken and eggs. I understand that to be truly cruelty free, you kind of have to be a vegan, but baby steps are better than none.

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