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  1. All those pictures are so cool! And this gallery reminds me of a multimedia one that I learned about today. Gaah, I need to visit it!

  2. I was legit looking for myself in the background of your photos because I also went Sunday morning! That line to get into the main exhibit was ridiculous but so worth it. I just wish there weren't so many people in all my photographs 🙁

  3. This place is so artistic. I love this rainbow installation. It's beautiful and creative at the same time. And you look so fab in this laughing posture. Candid moments like this are such a gem.

    Noor | Noor's Place

  4. This looks like the most amazing exhibit ever!! I also don't like random people in my photos. In fact, I have refused to snap certain photos in the past because there were people in the way!

  5. looks like an interesting exhibit! and seems like you had a great time there:-) i thought i was following you, but it must've been just on twitter, haha. but i am now! also, i'm liking your make-up here! :–) xx