Reader Interactions


  1. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers! And how odd, I just realized I'm wearing a necklace made from silverware with that exact pattern!

  2. I love that silverware set, and your pup is adorable! Last weekend we went to Disney World, but we want to check out the drive through zoo!

  3. Happy birthday puppy! I've been dying to get a book themed candle but I'm nervous I'll either hate it because I didn't get to smell it first, or that I'll burn it too fast.

  4. Gorgeous pup!
    This was our first weekend in forever that we didn't have something scheduled or somewhere to be.
    Sometimes it feels strange to go from a jam-packed schedule to nothing though. Haha

  5. Page is beautiful! I love weekends at home with my family – I live in Manchester, UK so it's great to get some time outside of the city in the countryside & by the coast. I'm planning on making a list of books to read over the coming months so I'll certainly check out Into The Wild.

    Hope you have a lovely week!

    Marianna 🙂