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  1. I NEVER thought I wanted a cocktail cart – UNTIL I read your post. Now I am going to dig around in the kitchen cabinet and find something to make a drink!

  2. Great list! My hubby and I are currently living in an RV for 2016 and space is an issue. We've started building up a small bar, as w find ourselves way more relaxed and enjoying cocktails more than we did when we working our corporate lives. We have started drinking salty dogs (grapefruit juice, vodka and a salted rim) after meeting a grapefruit farmer. We are drinking Jim Beam apple whiskey with a splash of sparkling water. I would love to have the mixings to make a martini, your list will certainly help!

  3. This is an awesome list! I don't have a bar cart.. But I do have a bar, cupboard? That still counts right? I have recently discovered a love for pure grenadine, man I could drink that stuff straight! Haha!

  4. WOW, after reading this post I just feel like having a drink! Im moving into a new house soon and would love to get a few of these items for my own little bar area. thanks for the post

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